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Rowing Equipment

Shell - A long slender wooden or fibreglass boat with thin walls, used by 1 to 8 rowers with one or two oars each

Oar/Sweep Oar - Used in pairs, fours and eights, with each rower using one oar. It is approximately
3.8m  in length and made of wood or carbon fibre.

Scull Oar - Used in singles, doubles and quads. Sculls are about 3m long.


Gate - Device that holds the oar in place and takes the pressure of the rowing stroke.

Bow Ball - A rubber ball used to protect the front (bow) of the boat.

Stern - The rear part of the shell. Rowers sit facing the stern.

Port - The left side of the boat.

Starboard - The right side of the boat.

Cox - A non-rowing member of the crew who commands the crew and  sits either in the stern or bow of the boat.


Stroke - First rower at the stern. They set the pace for the rest of the crew to follow.


Bow – Last rower from the stern.

Catch - The entry of the blade into the water


Drive - Begins when the paddle section of the oar engages the water and ends when it leaves the water.

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