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Club History

Lee Valley Rowing Club

When the Irish Amateur Rowing Union decided to establish the National Rowing Centre a group of patrons of Dan Sheehan’s Bar decided to support the establishment of a Rowing Club to provide rowing for the Mid-Cork community.

A fundraising group of Oliver O Callaghan (Treasurer), Fintan Riordan , Mick Hartnett and Mick O Callaghan(Secretary)  established Lee Valley Rowing Club in October 1999. With the support of local business and a golf classic, funding was secured to purchase 6 boats and oars ( 8+, 4x+, 2x, and three 1x) and a safety boat and engine. Boating began from the UCC shed in Farran Woods and by 2001 a squad of 15 /20 athletes were regularly on the water.

The club moved to the National Rowing and Community Resource Centre as the local club in 2004 and has played a major role in the success of the centre. On the water club crews and members have had many successful outings at home and overseas. In Ireland pride of place goes to our 8 Irish Championship victories and overseas the wins recorded by Holly Davis at The Home International, Tony Corcoran at the World Masters, John Keohane at London Metropolitan and Andrjez Jerierski who qualified for the London Olympic Games.

The club has continued to develop and build on these successes over the years and now has 75 rowing members.

Irish Championships Role of Honour.

2005 Men’s Novice 1x John Keohane                                                                                                           

2010 Men’s Intermediate 1x John Keohane                                                                                

2011 Men’s Senior 4 x   Lee Valley/ Skibbereen. Colm Dowling                                                          

2012 Men’s Senior 1x John Keohane                                                                                          

2013 Men’s Senior 1x John Keohane  

2014 Men’s Senior 1x John Keohane                                                                                                           

2015 Men’s Senior 1x John Keohane                                                                                                           

2019 Women’s Junior 1x Holly Davis

International Representation

2001 Noel Monahan World Cup                                                                                                                                     

2004 Noel Monahan Home International                                                                                                       

2004 Ross O Donovan Home International                                                                                                    

2005 Arthur Collins Coupe de la Jeunesse                                                                                                                

2008 Alan Riordan Home International                                                                                                          

2011 Colm Dowling Home International                                                                                                                          

2012  Andrjez Jerierski   Olympic Games Canoeing C1                                                                                                          

2012 John Keohane Home International                                                                                                                           

2014 John Keohane European Championships                                                                                             

2016 Cathal Cummins Home International                                                                                                                                                

2017 Ella Buckley Home International                                                                                                                

2019 Holly Davis Home International                                                                                                                          

2019 Holly Davis Coupe de la Jeunesse                                                                                                                                           

2020 Holly Davis European Junior Championships

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