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Congratulations to Lee Valley's Tony Corcoran who won gold 🥇in the super 8+, at the World Rowing Masters Championships in Lisbourne, France this weekend. Fair play Tony, some man for one man. You're an inspiration 🔥💯💥💪🇨🇮

Best of luck to Lee Valley's Holly Davis and her partner Anna Keating who will race in the JW2x this week at the U19 World Championships held in Varese, Italy. We are very proud of you Holly 🇮🇪💪🍀❤️🚣

Click the link below for more information

Keelin and Sophia have won bronze at the Irish National Rowing Championships today WJ18 2-

Fantastic result!


We are very proud of you and coach Noel. All that training paid off 👏👏👏❤️🚣

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